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Things to do in Arizona

Things to Do in AZ

Things to do in Phoenix,AZ

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Arizona Attractions

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Enchanted Island is filled with charm and magic, offering nine fanciful rides and a variety of popular attractions geared especially toward children aged 1to 10. You can ride the historic Encanto Carousel, pedal a boat across fish-filled lagoons, or test your skills at our arcade games. When you are done, share the memories over a fluffy ball of cotton candy.Located along the western edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area in Litchfield Park, the Wildlife World Zoo first opened its doors in 1984. With the opening of the Aquarium, Wildlife World has solidified its position as home to Arizona's largest collection of exotic animals with over 3000 animals representing nearly 600 species.From the thrilling sky high roller coasters and exciting water rides, to the exotic countries of the world class miniature golf course and enchantment of an old fashioned carrousel, there's magic and new adventures waiting for you and your family at Castles N' Coasters.The Phoenix Zoo is one of America's most successful, privately-owned, nonprofit zoological parks. It began as the vision of one person, Robert E. Maytag, who worked tirelessly to rally community support on behalf of the Zoo. Unfortunately, Maytag himself did not live to see his dream fulfilled. He died suddenly in March of 1962, six months before its scheduled opening.Rawhide has a chuck wagon full of fun in store for you -- gunfights, stunt shows, shootin' gallery, gold panning, stagecoach rides, desert train, burro rides, live country music, Sundown Cookouts, a real blacksmith, and much more.We invite people from around the world to experience and to appreciate animals in natural settings, and to share our peaceful interactive relationship with them in a physical and spiritual way that touches visitors' hearts. We aspire to be fun, friendly, and informative to all we meet.With plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, it's easy to plan a visit of several hours here, even during the hot summer months. Little ones will have to measure up to a 36" height minimum to get into the driver's seat at the racecar track. Some attractions, like bumper boats, accommodate parents as well as children, and there's a driving range and miniature golf course for the whole family to enjoy.Tolmachoff Farms is a unique four generation family farm operated in Glendale, Arizona. We grow a large variety of fruit's and vegetables and strive to provide you and your family with the ultimate in fresh produce straight from the field to your table. We also offer special events and activities.In October 2006 Schnepf Farms was designated as an "Arizona Treasure" by the Governor Janet Napolitano and Arizona Office of Tourism. It was quite the honor when Governor Napolitano and her staff made the trip out to present us the award. "We have been here 68 years and we hope to be here for another 68 years, but we don't want to do it fighting our way....we are all about making people happy and when we stop doing that, then it will be time to sell the farm." Nestled amid the red buttes of Papago Park, the Desert Botanical Garden hosts one of the world's finest collections of desert plants. One of only 44 botanical gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums, this one-of-a-kind museum showcases 50 acres of beautiful outdoor exhibits. Home to 139 rare, threatened and endangered plant species from around the world, the Garden offers interesting and inspiring experiences to more than 300,000 visitors each year.With tons of entertainment to choose from for your entire family, Funtasticks offers something for the kid in all of us, including miniature golf, go-karts, arcade, batting cages, and more! Funtasticks is the ideal location for birthday parties, family group events, or just an afternoon of fun. Old Tucson Studios is a working film location and western theme park located in Tucson, Arizona. We provide entertainment, historical tours, and special event services for the general public as well as local and international companies. We also provide location and production services to film production companies and independent producers and directors.Reid Park Zoo’s mission is “to encourage human commitment to the conservation of biological diversity and to provide educational and fun experiences for visitors of all ages.” The Zoo, founded in 1965 with a collection of birds, prairie dogs, farm animals, and a few squirrel monkeys, has expanded to a 17-acre campus that houses hundreds of animals in naturalistic exhibits and annually hosts nearly 500,000 visitors. Reid Park Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Get unlimited mini golf, laser tag, and video games for only $10! Saturday Morning Mania is something worth waking up for. Great for sports teams, churches, and more!Closed for the season. The Desert Breeze Express is heading into the station for a full day of family fun. Take in all the scenery from your open-top train coach, play with the ponies on our antique carousel, then cool off and fill up at our snack bar where we serve family favorites at the friendliest prices! Imagine a 28,000 square feet climate controlled indoor amusement park with your child's favorite rides - mini roller coaster, carousel, bumper cars, monkey barrels, spinning cups, safari train, jet airplane ride. Add over 90 non-violent games, many with redemption tickets & prizes. Now add a giant soft play area with tunnels & slides for hours of fun. There's more . . . now add a great selection of food and treats. You are in Paradise . . . Jeepers! Amusement Paradise.This 20-acre complex for family recreation includes Go-Karts, Batting Cages, Miniature Golf, Bumper Boats, Driving Range and a Video Arcade! Rookie Go-Karts, Dragon Kiddie Ride and Miner Mike Roller Coaster are designed especially for younger children. Ride the rails on the mini-railroad, catch a 'desert wave' on the waterless Wave Runner, or go round and round on the mini-ferris wheel! This is the perfect place to enjoy a day of fun!Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, formerly known as Heritage Park Zoo, is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary, dedicated to the conservation and protection of native and exotic animals. Located in scenic Prescott, Arizona, the sanctuary provides a source of recreation, education and entertainment for all ages.Keepers of the Wild has always been dedicated to the dignified rescue of exotic animals. Internationally recognized, it is our goal to build a facility that will be the standard for all future animal parks... The Camel farm is a working farm specializing in the breeding of Arabian (one-humped) camels and other exotic and unusual animals and birds. The farm is open to visitors and for group tours from October to the end of May. Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is a family owned and operated working ostrich ranch. Stop in and feed the critters for an unforgettable experience. Something for everyone - we have ostrich, deer, emu, miniature Sicilian donkeys, and rainbow lorikeets to feed. Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix is a new $30 million dollar water park located in the Adobe Dam Regional Park on Pinnacle Peck Road, near I-17. Set on more than 35 acres in North Phoenix the new Wet ‘n’ Wild water park is the largest theme park in Arizona and features Maximum Velocity – the world’s first, gravity-defying, dueling Master Blaster water coaster in addition to more than 30 other exhilarating slide and attractions. Big Surf's wave pool, Waikiki Beach, is the original North American wavepool and is ranked as the third largest according to size/volume. It holds 2.5 million gallons of water and produces a wave every 3 minutes.Come and check out our wide variety of water exercise classes, lap swim or just splash around in the beach area with your little ones. So the next time you talk about shedding a few of those winter pounds or just trying to maintain what you have or an alternative activity for your youngins, why not take advantage of what The Cove has to offer.We offer a variety of affordable fun and interactive entertainment for all ages! With so much to do, including miniature golf, lit'l indy raceway go-carts, laser tag, bumper boats, batting cages and the best arcade in town. Experience animal wildlife the way it was meant to be, in a natural environment, all from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle. Your family will enjoy our wide variety of wildlife, from majestic bison and nimble big horn sheep to stealthy mountain lions and adorable bear cubs. You will enjoy the wide variety of Western sights and activities including a shooting gallery, train ride, horseshoe pits, a mechanical roping horse and friendly farm animals. Visit our Olde Tyme photo studio to experience the fun, humor and romance of dressing up in late 1800's Old West, saloon and Victorian costumes and then take home a digital photo of your experience to cherish and remember for a lifetime. Come to Superstition Farm to see where the milk on your morning cereal originates.before it ends up in the grocery cooler! Experience the process of how natural feeds and surplus bakery, pastas, grains and cotton turn into natures most perfect food. Put on your work boots (or closed toed shoes) and join us for a tour of our family farm.rides, park, paddle boats, encanto park,ANIMALS, ALLIGATOR, AQUARIUMDESERT STORM, ROLLER, BUMPER CARS, BOATS, ARCADE, MINATURE GOLFanimals, wildlife, phx zoo, zoo lights, WEST, GHOST TOWN,ZOO, ANIMALS, TIGERS, PETTING, OUT OF AFRICA, WILDLIFEgolf, boats, bumper, arcades, mini-golf, rides, kids, foodgo-karts, laser tag, mini-golf, bumper boats, batting cages, kiddie ridestrain, JEEPERSrides, bumper boats, arcades, golf, zoo, animals,zoo, animalszoo, animals, cogburnwater parks, maximum velocity,Water, golf, mini golf, arcade, wave pool,water, wave pool, swim, swimming,Arcadce, go carts, bumper boats, mini golf, golfzoo, animals, drive-thru, wild life, nature, bears,animals, west, westernpetting zoo, animals,


Have You Really Experienced Arizona?

Our HotSpots application delivers everything but the cotton candy and popcorn. But don't let that stop you from finding out when the lions at the Phoenix Zoo like to roar or what it feels like to go into a g-force loop on the state's largest roller coaster!

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Arizona Theme Parks

How enjoyable would life be without thrills? In Arizona, adventure is everywhere. You want fun? We have amusement parks! Try a round of minature golf and then zip around a mini-kart course. Better yet, take a safari ride through a South American jungle located just minutes from Sky Harbor Airport. The choice is yours to make and the fun is available for all to take part in.